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Cementious Repair / Projection Systems

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Acrylic Modified Repair Mortars

Today’s acrylic modified repair mortars applied to a substrate treated with bonding agent provide a durable repair with built in rust inhibitors. Products are available for thinner floor applications as well as deep vertical and overhead patching challenges.


Gunite is basically dry concrete conveyed through a hose to a nozzle where it mixes with water.  The mixture is pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction or repair method. Benefits of this method are increased volume of material over hand patching and lack of formwork needed for casting methods.

Manufacturers have perfected materials which are sold by the bag. The photo on the right shows the finished surface sprayed with a curing agent that dissipates over time to allow for coating application.


galvanic anodesCathodic Protection

Embedded  galvanic anodes provide localized protection in structural repairs where corrosion is involved. These sacrificial zinc products are especially useful in salt water environments, porous concrete or where reinforcement steel has insufficient coverage.


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