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inducon vansAbout Inducon

Inducon Corporation was incorporated in 1988 in Gainesville, FL.  We are an employee owned and operated firm specializing in the repair, restoration and protection of concrete infrastructures.

Our firm has established an outstanding reputation with our customers for service. Their facilties problem becomes our challange from troubleshooting to identifying the best solution.

Inducon Corporation believes in working personally with our clients along with the product manufactures in order to guarantee complete satisfaction and top quality results (see referrals).

mark bennettMark E. Bennett, President                                                               


Mr. Bennett has 30 plus years of experience working with concrete structures, researching and developing equipment and procedures to streamline tank building, investigating and repairing the causes of structural deficiencies cracks, leaks and other concrete structure deficiencies. His hands on experience with all types of building techniques and repair of methods allow him to identify the underlying (and often hidden) issues that can arise in today’s building industry.

His expertise has enabled him to grow a successful concrete repair business and to expand into various other types of rehabilitation on various concrete structures. He is regularly called upon to help solve difficult repair problems and develop a procedure for the specific repairs which includes expansion joint repair, structural concrete repair, soil stabilization, historical restoration, waterproofing, and coatings and liners. His problem resolution and ability to communicate effectively with both owners and facility staff have enabled him to successfully complete many projects.

Christopher C. NeSmith, Vice President

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Prior to 1988, Mr. NeSmith received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida. He worked as a laboratory technologist and research assistant for fifteen years. NeSmith has been with Inducon Corporation as an owner, officer and employee since its incorporation in November of 1988.

NeSmith has worked in the “trenches” for twenty seven years as a company owner, giving him a unique perspective and the ability to directly relate the job to the client, the materials suppliers and manufacturers. He has solved problems for residential, municipal, public, private, state and federal entities. The situations NeSmith has encountered are as varied as the materials and methods used to remedy them and the individuals involved.

Work related structural, historical and cosmetic repair of concrete has led Mr. NeSmith to use a variety of materials in his non-working life as an artist.

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