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coatingDeck Coating Systems / Elastomeric Membranes

Below is an example of an elastomeric urethane deck coating system. In this case the old mechanical room is on a roof slab which leaked through floor cracks and numerous pipe penetrations to the offices below.

This flooring system involves constructing curbs, where needed, to provide complete containment should there be room flooding. Next multiple layers of the liquid applied membrane are applied followed by the topcoat which provides a nonslip, UV resistant finish.

On this job a low VOC version was used so that the business operations were not interrupted.


below gradeBelow Grade Waterproofing Systems

Manufactured components allow deferent configurations to be tailored to specific applications. The drawing below shows one method for waterproofing a floor/wall joint prior to sealing the entire buried wall. In some situations a French drain system is also installed at the base to carry groundwater away from the area.

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Linings

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Gun Grade Sealants/ Caulking

Gun grade sealants are available for a wide range of materials with different physical properties. Inducon Corporation can select the correct sealant for any application and perform the work to insure maximum performance.

Urethane sealants are the choice for constant submersion environments while silicone materials are better suited to handle UV light exposure encountered by exterior building joints.

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