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Tower Foundation Repairs for Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Description of Work: Lightning strikes and water intrusion caused the massive foundation piers to crack and separate along a plane at the top of the rebar cage.
Work Scope – Repair concrete failure at the top of the foundation pier.

  1. Determine loose concrete areas and remove with selective demolition.
  2. Set injection ports and use gel grade epoxy to provide containment along remaining cracks or voids.
  3. Inject cracks and voids while monitoring flow of injection resin from port to port. Let cure.
  4. Remove ports and gel epoxy, media blast steel and repair surface.
  5. Coat steel with corrosion inhibitor. Coat entire repair area with bonding agent and recoat exposed steel.
  6. Form and patch to match original lines and grades. Cure repair.
Client: Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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