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IHMC Site Regrading and Waterproofing

Description of Work: Repairs to seal various leak sources for groundwater intrusion into the basement level of the Building.

Work scope: Inject flexible hydrophobic urethane grout into the horizontal construction joint that runs the entire five hundred foot perimeter of this hexagonal building and flood test.

A liquid applied waterproofing material was placed from the window frames to six inches below the horizontal construction joint. All corners and gaps were detailed with sealant prior to coating.

The interior slab expansion joints were addressed using a method developed specifically for this project. The project owner required a finished floor with narrow uniform expansion joints. To accomplish this Inducon Corporation stripped the joints and installed a permeable tube sandwiched in repair mortar. Once cured the tube was pumped full through a series of overlapping sections. This provided a compressed, bonded “gasket” at the approximate midpoint of all slab joints. Joints were then saw cut to ½” to providing a control joint for any future movement while maintaining the seal against water and radon gas penetration.

IHMC Typical Wall

Client: IHMC - Acronym for??
Subcontractor for: Commercial Structures, Inc.

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